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Jensen Family Reunion 2003

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Whether you have a site sorely in need of revision or are finally ready to start a brand new site, we can help you with every facet.  We'll get your domain name registered or transferred, work closely with you to develop content, design graphics and/or logos as needed and help you present your material in the best way possible.  

When it comes to full development and efficient organization, Ash Risen is the web designer to contact.  If your site needs more than a few pages, relies on cross-indexing of information, and a clean aesthetically pleasing presentation to keep the focus on the content, we're here to help.

If space or cost is a top concern for your first website, we are able to provide a design which seemingly incorporates several pages of content in one simplified design.  Please note that this design is not feasible for larger sites or great quantities of information.

When you need training or reference materials accessible for your employees worldwide, we are able to put together a site that is easy to navigate, print for offline reference and flows in a manner that facilitates learning (complete with visual aids,) Ash Risen is the web designer to best help you reach your goal. 

We are adept at fulfilling web design needs for any size project.  If you simply wish to showcase your work in a straightforward manner and you rely heavily on visual representation, Ash Risen offers top quality photo editing with constant attention paid to the end user's experience at your site.

Need bells and whistles to accentuate your site?  We're here to help!  Whether you're a realtor who deals with international clients and would like a Celsius-to-Fahrenheit conversion script or if you're in the mortgage business and would like to offer your visitors the opportunity to calculate their payment, we can give you exactly what you need.

Frames, Java scripting, guest books, discussion boards, password protected membership areas, Flash presentations, online form submission,search engine optimization, tracking statistics to help you optimize your online presence -- we're the web design firm for you!

Interested in a membership area - paid or free?  We can make that happen for you.  Ash Risen is also able to handle the day-to-day administration for your membership roster including passwords, renewal notices, regular content updates, administration of contests, etc. 

Interested in a discussion board to foster enthusiasm about your site, product or service?  We offer personalized design.  We can tailor the entire board to complement your main website or we can customize each forum to give different areas a unique flavor.  Ash Risen is also able to provide day-to-day administration, including security settings, moderation, individual user customization, private forum settings, etc.

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your site is participation in banner exchanges with other sites.  Ash Risen can offer you banners in any size  or shape, static images or animated -- you name it, we can do it!  We will not only make the banners but we can also administer the exchanges for you.